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I have not seen a post concerning my particular phone, Mac hardware, and Mac OS. I am trying to use Android File Transfer, having been promised that it would solve all my woes. I've downloaded Android File Transfer, and, when connected with my device, the app launches, but it just continues to demand that I attach the USB cable and or restart my device. When set to on, nothing happens.

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When set to off, nothing happens either. I've turned it on, then on and off, then off, and restarted before, during, and after connection, and every combination possible. The result is the same: My phone is recognized just fine by my desktop PC running Windows 7.

The phone is recognized and the SD card is recognized, and I can transfer files between them. However, my Windows device is not my primary computing device, and I am frequently away from home otherwise, at this point, I would chuck the Mac and that would be that. As with the person who posted a similar question about the Galaxy S2, please do not post answers suggesting the use of Kies, Bluetooth, Wireless, and the like unless they lead to me being able to use Android File Transfer via USB.

Kies seems to be the default suggestion to solve this issue, but it is terribly buggy and it accomplishes file transfer much the same way that nuking my house would get rid of spiders.

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Always good to have a little levity at this level of frustration. I discovered I had 2 different type USB cables- one seems to just charge and so Android File transfer didn't recognize the phone at all.

When I try to connect my Galaxy device to my Mac, it is not recognized. What can I do?

The other cable, bearing the Verizon label, was entirely different. Please see link above and go to my posting under Interpret for full explanation.

As already mentioned, download and install Android File Transfer app. To connect be sure to use the right cable- in my case, I discovered 2 cables - one is a USB plain one that just charges the phone. After much frustration I discovered there was another one it has a Verizon label in my case.

When I connected the wrong one, Android File Transfer said: No Android device found. Please connect your Android device with a USB cable to get started. I wasn't getting any notification or option on my phone to switch any configuration menu. When I switched to the right cable however, I got a notification in the top notification area of the phone stating:. Connected as an installer and a USB icon next to it. Swiping down the top notification part there was yet another notification stating Connected as a media device. Touch for other USB options. Tapping on that statement I got the following screen:.

Galaxy S3 USB connect to Mac OS X

Note that these options were not available and not displayed with the wrong cable. I noticed many users stating they don't see that menu, wonder if the culprit is the cable being used. I was in the same situation until just now. Let me start by saying that you should not disregard the suggestions that I make right away simply because i spent all day attempting to figure this out.

There is just no logical reason why it started to work after installing, then uninstalling KIES however it DID in fact work so give it a shot if you havent already.

Fix Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac (Samsung Devices)

I too struggled with that. Kies is the problem indeed. Just throwing it in the trash did not work. Most of the times, it is observed that users give iTunes a try to move their data files between their Android device and Mac. Needless to say, it becomes pretty complicated and time-consuming. Therefore, it is better to take the assistance of a third-party tool to do Samsung file transfer Mac. You can pick either one of these listed options. It provides fast, easy, and secure solutions to manage your data. Compatible with almost every Android and iOS device, it has a dedicated desktop application for Windows and Mac.

With the help of dr. Even though this Samsung file transfer Mac application is not as comprehensive as TunesGo, it will provide a freely available alternative to you. With it, you can simply take a backup of your device on Mac or can restore its data from an existing backup. Also, you can use this tool to sync contacts and other important information with your Outlook account as well. Besides performing a backup and restore operation, Smart Switch has a limited support.

Nevertheless, it can be used to backup and restore your data. If you are looking for a lightweight and simple solution to transfer your content between Android and Mac, then you can simply give Android File Transfer tool a try. This official Android app provides a basic interface from which you can move your desired content to and from your Mac and smartphone.

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It provides a fast and secure way to perform Samsung file transfer Mac with a limit of transferring files of maximum 4 GB. Simply install the application on your Mac and connect your Samsung device to the system. It will be detected automatically, letting you manage your content manually. Previously known as SmartFinder, HandShaker is another popular tool that can let you manage your Android smartphone on Mac.

Method 1. Enable USB Debugging & Replace USB Cable

It can be downloaded from the Mac Store for free and is already compatible with most of the recent Android devices. Freely available, it provides an interactive interface for users to transfer the needed content between their phone and Mac. To make it easier for its users, it already segregates the content in different categories. Now when you know about some of the best Samsung file transfer Mac tools, you can easily manage your data. Go ahead and download dr. Just give it a try to understand how easy it is to transfer data and manage your device on Mac. Many users have reported that it is an excellent phone management tool that will certainly make your smartphone experience a whole lot easier.