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If it was not changed intentionally, then maybe PXE boot was enabled by default and as Darkstar suggested, you have a hard drive failure so the machine tries to boot using the other options, including PXE.

How to use DHCP with only registered MAC address (for simple basic security) | Ubiquiti Community

If that doesn't work, you might want to try disconnecting the mouse and any other unnecessary device, and then reboot the machine and try to enter the BIOS again. Also, I would make sure the keyboard is working properly. If you have another machine available, you could also test your apparently faulty hard drive on it to confirm whether it is in fact what is causing the boot problem or not. Thanks Darkstar.

The function keys and the delete key don't seem to work at all! I tried using a different keyboard and mouse but up to no avail. Is there any thing else I could try? Thanks for your help. Carlos, I tried using F1 key and also the F10 key, this did not help. I repeated the same process after disconnecting the mouse. I got the "keyboard missing error" message although it was the mouse that was disconnected!

NE40E V800R010C00 Feature Description - Security 01

This did not open up the access to BIOS. I am going to connect the hard disk to another computer to check its integrity as advised by you. Thanks for your assistance. It will cycle through all of them if there is no valid bootable device.

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Good luck. Hi friends, I have core I 5 and I am suffering from this error: Client mac addr.. How do I repair this?

Changing the boot order in the BIOS did it for me. I want to thank the contributor of that tip. Michael Tidmarsh. Actually, you should thank Carlosdl , he's the one who answered the question. Error will solve if its still happens than change BIOS setting default. I had the same problem when I installed Linux mint Try to install from hdd source. Hope you will know the procedure. The only thing I can figure is that the image file I downloaded from the internet is corrupted, because the computer sees the hard drive fine.

I deleted that partition and looking for a Mac OS X image file that isn't from the internet. Wish me luck, I think I will need it. I have same problem as Frajan dies.

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And also. When I try to reset to Factory state using tge recovery DVD on that new hard drive, it goes ok about 3 min then computer shuts down and go back to beginning again and again. What happened that you did a fresh install? Also assuming fresh install means, formatted the hard drive and then install the OS. R2 forwards the unicast to the Bootp server. The server examines the packet and checks for the client's hardware address in its database.

The server then looks to see if the client is requesting a configuration file boot file. R1 recognises the unicast reply and forwards the packet to the clients MAC address. The client then can use TFTP etc. Hardware Type - Ethernet is 1. Hardware Length - length of the address Hops - the client starts this off with 0 and then this increment by each Bootp server if the packet is passed on. Transaction ID - diskless nodes use this number to match responses with the requests.

go to site Seconds - this gives the elapsed time since the client started the boot process Client IP Address - if a client knows its IP address it puts it in here, otherwise it is a 0. Server IP Address - if the client knows this then the client can place the server address in here, otherwise the server does. Server Host Name - same as previously.

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Gateway IP Address - the client initially sets this to 0. The router receiving the packet will put the IP address of the interface on which the packet was received i. What can go wrong at this stage? Endpoint Manager - Endpoint Manager Skip to Main Content. Getting Started. Expand search. Log in Account Management. Endpoint Manager. Run Wireshark on the PXE representative. Under the " C apture" menu select "Interfaces" and ensure that only the Ethernet connection that is connected to the desired subnet is selected.

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Click the "Options" button and in the Capture Filter section type in "port 67 or port 68".